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A collaborative project with Richard Tuttle (pictured) in progress

Since the 1980s, Stefan Watson has collaborated with diverse clients ranging from internationally prominent artists and large corporations to local homeowners. His conceptual insights and deep understanding of materials and execution have underpinned the successful completion of not only specialized art installations and limited edition books but also trend-setting product development and a neighborhood revitalization.

Stefan views art is as an ever-changing process of achieving beauty—often the beauty to be found in imperfection and the unfinished. In his own work, he has been known to partially deconstruct a nearly completed piece in order to regain creative aspects lost in over-finishing. Nor does he feel the need to ‘own’ every idea or work produced in his studio. Frequently, for example, he will create specialized paper or custom tiles, which an artist then embeds in his own project. “We don’t need to own everything we create“, he says.

Stefan’s Albuquerque studio houses the tools and equipment needed to produce ceramics, cement casting, wood and metalwork, and paper. “In our most recent project, a restoration after a fire, we used every tool in the shop and then some,” Watson said. “.Not to mention the creative and design effort it required. At the end of that project, I needed a month off just to catch my breath. I’m looking ahead now to a new papermaking project, one based on my past experience, but using new raw materials
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